Berry Banana Delight

Banana Blueberry Goji Berry Green Smoothie 

This recipe is just delightful. It is sweet and creamy. It has all the vitamins and nutrients to nourish your body and all the vibrant colors to nourish your senses.

You should try this out if you are looking for ways to incorporate more vitamins and minerals into your daily meals. It contains all you need for a fresh start to the day or a healthy snack! The preparation takes really like no time. Just a few minutes to rinse the fruit and the leaves and peel the bananas. 

You can prepare it in the morning and take it to work so that you can enjoy it during your lunch break. It can stay like one day – stored in a fridge, of course. The smoothies with greens keep longer as they have all the fiber that prevents the smoothie from oxidizing and turning bad, as the fruit juices usually do. 

Here are some facts about the super ingredients you mix in this one:

Goji Berries:

They improve and protect the eyes and help to boost your immune system. Gojis have properties that counteract the free radicals and protect against cancer. They add up to the shine of your skin. At the same time, they work wonders internally – they stabilize the blood sugar and help you guard against diabetes type 2. They also help you have a happy mood and improve the quality of your sleep. Notable, isn’t it?


They drastically reduce the risk of heart disease, and they are packed with vitamin C. They will also help you with many vitamins and phytonutrients that will make you shine from the inside out. Blueberries are also among the top foods you should consume to repair damage to your DNA, which will help you avoid premature aging and degenerative diseases.


They are the staple food of the healthy eating people. They are great for your digestion and help you achieve your fitness goals. When they are ripe, they give you a lot of healthy energy to sustain you during your day. They are an excellent source of Vit B6 and Potassium. 

Beet greens: 

Beet greens have a lot of fiber nourishing and support your digestive system. But not only that. They have vitamin K and a lot of vitamin A, C, copper, and potassium. Here are some more of the components that contribute to health – manganese, vitamin B2, magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, calcium, iron, vitamins B1 and B6. The greens also contain healthy protein that your body can easily absorb in blended form. 


My friend Shaw Fern kindly provided this bunch of beet greens featured in this picture. She grows them in her garden organically. We met at CIAE COACH ClASS in  Nusantara Academy of Energy Medicine in Malaysia, where you learn how to be an Awareness Energy Trainer. During breakfast time, we enjoyed the smoothies together. Thank you, Fern!


You can play with the ingredients according to your wishes and preferences. Here is what I put into my smoothie:

  • A cup of ripe bananas – approximately 300 grams
  • A cup of ripe blueberries – approximately 200 grams
  • A bunch of green leaves – I use beet greens, but you can throw in spinach, carrot leaves, nettles, kale, you name it!
  • Some goji berries – approximately 2 TSB will do the job.
  • Some dates – you can adjust the number of dates according to the sweetness you want to add to your smoothie. You can add some more if your bananas are not that ripe or reduce them if you have blood sugar issues or some other health conditions. 

Put them into the blender, add water to cover all the ingredients, and blend for about 1 minute if you have Vitamix or another heavy-duty mixer. I usually do not use the maximum speed, but you can use it if you prefer your smoothie to be extra smooth. 

About ten people shared the result of this smoothie. Each of them enjoyed a cup of it – about 200ml per person. It is excellent to share with your family and friends or store in the fridge to enjoy during your day. 

P.S. I do not share the picture of the final result because if you blend blueberries with green leaves, usually the result looks not so nice. It is brownish, and it is like swamp water to the eye. However, it is so delicious and full of nutrients – vitamins and minerals, that you should disregard this visual aspect and try it!

Please share your comments below. I would love to see your smoothies and hear from you!

Enjoy your day 🙂